MOTO's new Classified section is now alive and kicking


The brand new MOTO/MXTRAX Classifieds section is ready for you guys to start posting your items for sale. It’s bigger, better and easy to use.

You can login with your Facebook account or register as a new user to sell items.

You can add up to 4 images, add to a specific category and link your item to your Facebook and Twitter account.

And better still ITS FREE!

From the front page of MOTO scroll down until the latest product sections appear (as below). From here you can create a listing by clicking the “create link tab” or search for an item for sale by using the search boxes.

Or just click “All products” which will take you to the main “Classifieds” page and search or create listings from there.

You can also click the “Classifieds” menu tab at the top of the MOTO page to view the front page.


Next up in Products

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