Spy Shots: Rob Andrews prepares for VMXDN

Spy Shots: Rob Andrews prepares for VMXDN

With the up coming Vets MX de Nations at Farleigh Castle looking to draw some major motocross legends from all around the World, veteran 80’s GP hero Rob Andrews came along to Apex Motocross to get a bit of seat time on his trusty 20 year old Honda CR500.

Rob, now 50 years old, said he was trying to get some bike fitness to enhance his enjoyment of the event. However, seeing the determination in his eyes, aggressively attacking the corners and comfortably clearing Apex’s infamous “step-up” jump – from the inside – suggest he will be trying hard in those races in September. Certainly nice to hear the bark of a 500 2 stoke being ridden well around the track whilst putting many of the younger riders to shame.

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  1. tomdavies

    i am being asked to get some features on the event at FC this weekend. Can I get a press pass please? ED


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