First Look - 2013 KTMs In Action

The MOTO team has just put the new issue 80 to bed, which features the definitive first test of the massively overhauled 2013 KTM SX range by MOTO’s respected and hugely knowledgeable chief tester, Dave Willet.

MOTO 80 goes on sale on June 6, so you can get the full lowdown on the new machines, as well as the first test of the entire EXC endure range in our new EnduroX section, but in the meantime here’s a few snippets of info on the bikes and some shots of Willet giving them hell.


The all-new 450SXF is even better than we hoped it would be. The bike built for Ryan Dungey has turned a big, heavy old school brute into an ultra modern race bike that could be the best 450 on the market.


We were surprised how much development the newest bike in the KTM range recieved and the end result was perhaps the most impressive of the entire range. The mid-size MX1 machine has really come of age in our opinion.


KTM shocked us with a complete new 250F motor based on the GP bike debuted by Jeffrey Herlings and friends just three months ago and boy is it fast. KTM claims a 5bhp power increase over 2012 and Willet says he agrees – it’s that good.


The SX smokers
The best you can buy – simple as that. The powerhouse 250SX gets some slight mods that make it even more rideable and competitive whilst the all-conquering 125SX remains unchanged, but still kicks the competition’s ass in our book.

Watch the 2013 KTM range videos and checkout the price list HERE

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