This summer, Red Bull is offering fans of Nitro Circus the chance to challenge action sports hero and 17-time X games medallist, Travis Pastrana to the craziest idea they can come up with! When Nitro Circus Live comes to the UK in December, the best challenges from be chosen by Travis Pastrana himself to perform along with the entire Nitro Circus crew at the UK dates of the first ever European tour in December 2012.

To welcome Nitro Circus Live to the UK, Red Bull have produced a limited edition Travis Pastrana Hero can featuring a QR code linking directly through to exclusive Nitro Circus Live video content and opportunities to get hold of Nitro Circus Live gear and see the incredible live show.

Travis Pastrana is a true pioneer of the action sports scene having become the first person to perform a double back flip on a Moto-X bike. He has also smashed a world record by jumping 269 feet in a rally car across a lake onto a barge as part of Red Bull ‘New Year, No Limits’ and has base jumped from the top of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Pastrana said, “Working with Red Bull, we are giving fans the opportunity to challenge me and the rest of the Nitro Circus crew to perform some of our craziest stunts yet; if we like your idea, you could see us attempt it when Nitro Circus Live comes to the UK at the end of the year.”

If you have a crazy idea that will ‘Challenge Travis’ and his crew to take things to the next level then head to, get creative and submit your best idea; just remember that this is the man that has jumped out of an aeroplane without a parachute!

  1. mark opdyke

    2 people jump motorcycles at the same time And in mid air switching bikes. From like superman seat grabs and grab the other riders bike and he does the same and land it.even if you don’t land it the attempt would be freaking nuts. who else would ever try this.the seat grab was just a idea whatever you guys thought would make it more doable would be sweet. Your nuts and crazy good on a bike Travis. Give it a whirl…


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