Get yourself to Hawkstone Park to view the brand new 2013 CRF450

Get yourself to Hawkstone Park to view the brand new 2013 CRF450

Fans of Big Red will be able to view the brand-new 2013 CRF450 for the first time at Hawkstone Park this weekend.

The new four-fiddy can be found at the Buildbase Honda team set-up and this will be the public debut of what’s shaping up to be something pretty special.

‘Huge changes are going to jump out at you. First is the CRF450R’s all-new air-fork front suspension. Nearly two pounds lighter than a coil-spring fork, it offers easier adjustment, less internal friction and even better handling. Next, an all-new twin-spar aluminium frame. You’ll see some big changes in the steering-head area. That’s because the frame is designed specifically to work with the new fork.

‘Check out the CRF450R’s short radical new twin exhaust. The system moves the mufflers in way closer to the bike’s centre of mass. They’re super short and compact, and work in perfect concert with the 2013 model’s new bodywork to make this the most flickable CRF450R ever!

‘In fact, everywhere you look you’re going to see upgrades this year: The engine gets a new piston shape, porting and valve timing, along with more compression for more power. The radiators are smaller and flow more air. The clutch is totally redesigned with six springs for better feel at the lever. Even the footpegs and tires get the Honda touch.’


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