HIGH FIVES - Ken Dedycker

[url=http://moto.mpora.com/interviews/high-fives-ken-dedycker/]After a blistering start of the season Teka-Suzuki rider Ken De Dycker seems to be losing momentum.[/url]

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HIGH FIVES - Ken Dedycker

After a blistering start of the season Teka-Suzuki rider Ken De Dycker seems to be
losing momentum. During the third round of the United Telecom Trophy in Nismes
he wants to be back in the frame. The rider from Lubbeek is momentarily second in
the point standings twenty points behind Steve Ramon and he had an excellent
rehearsal with the Westerlo midweek international he won ahead of Strijbos and

Big Ken chasing Ramon

How was your voyage to and from South-Africa?
De Dycker: I only got back from SA on Tuesday morning, it’s always a long voyage with
lots of hours in the plane and car. I didn’t catch a lot of sleep, but that’s just part of the deal.
I’m really not happy about the South African GP. A fifth and seventh in the heats was just

An extra reason for a revenge in Nismes?
De Dycker: Maybe, but I just don’t want to focus on that race in particular. I always want to
give the best of me wherever I’m behind the gate. I can’t see a reason for the bleak results
of late. I’m just not smooth as I would like to be, and I have more trouble coming back from
behind. It was difficult to find the good lines. In Sweden I had my part of the bad luck with a
broken pair of goggles and a crash. But I want to look ahead and don’t give in. I’ll fight until
the very last race, both in GP’s and the Belgian Nationals. I Just can’t make close the gap
with Ramon in Nismes.

So what do you expect come Sunday?
De Dycker: If been training a lot in the sand lately, that and coming from a race on a soft
soil will make it quite a switch. Nismes is just rock hard. Overtaking is real hard there so the
start will be paramount. I expect a couple of nice races cause there’s definitely a lot of
quality behind the gate: Steve (Ramon), Josh Coppins, Jonathan Barragan, Manuel Priem
and Kevin Strijbos who will be back in action. And let’s not forget Clément Desalle. He’ll
definitely want to prove himself in Wallonia and the track should suit him. So a complete
Belgian podium is definitely on the cards.

You seem to have made progression when it comes to race insight?
De Dycker: Yeah, I’ve noticed that myself. Maybe it’s because I’m getting more clever by
getting older. No, I’m just more intelligent in my racing. I found out that attacking from the
get go, to lose places afterwards isn’t the right strategy. I try to remain calm and think first
before I make my moves.

You’ve been in the “heat room” of the University of Leuven’s sports faculty for a few
months now. Did you notice any progress already?
De Dycker: The work out is pretty similar to the one you do in a gym. So nothing special
there. I made a lot of progress compared to last year. I really can’t say whether it has
already paid off this season, but then the season is far from over!