Land of Hope and Glory - 339 Riders on one track at Matterley Basin

Land of Hope and Glory - 339 Riders on one track at Matterley Basin

In what was a great addition to this weekend’s Festival of Motocross, the racing today was preceeded by a parade lap from every rider entered into the competition over the four days. With over 300 riders lined up at the end of the start straight, it was always going to be a unique way to begin the event, even if it did have the look of the start of the world’s most exclusive Beach Race!

At 10.00 on the dot, Guiseppe Luongo gave the nod, and the parade was lead out by ALL ROUND British Motocross legend Dave Thorpe on one of the immaculately prepared Buildbase Hondas. Kitted out head to toe in full race gear , Thorpe still looked like he could have taken to the line for MX1! As the streams of MX2 riders accelerated down the pitlane straight, they were followed by the MX1 guys fresh from their warm up lap and then literally hordes of riders from the rest of the classes joined them out on the track, from the veterans to the EMX65 classes, it was a wonderful celebration of the riders and the sport.

As Thorpe rode round onto the far side of the circuit, he was joined by British MXoN team members Tommy Searle and Max Anstie, and the beautifully partisan crowd went mad for them blasting the air horns and waving the flags like we’d actually won the Nations. Tommy threw in a bit of style over the far jump and the fans roared with approval.
As the Parade lap crossed the line, the PA system fired up with the unashamedly patriotic notes of Land of Hope and Glory. A fantastic start to the day.


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