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Rider List for the GP of Russia


Image by Youthstream

Not quite full start gates due to numerous injuries in both classes but the racing should be interesting as the circuit at Semigorje is brand new.

Pictures so far coming in from Russia shows a sandy surface but it is currently raining which nobody wants and with some riders staying in tents trackside most will be praying for sunshine.

4 Tanel Leok Est Suzuki Team Suzuki Rockstar MX1
7 Jonathan Barragan E Honda LS Motorsports
9 Ken de Dycker B KTM Team Red Bull-Teka-KTM-DeCarli
11 Sebastien Pourcel F Kawasaki Team CLS-MonsterEnergy-Kawasaki-CP377
21 Gautier Paulin F Kawasaki Kawasaki Racing Team
22 Kevin Strijbos B KTM Team KTM UK-RedBull-HM Plant
24 Shaun Simpson GB Yamaha MonsterEnergy-BikeIt-Yamaha-Dixon Racing
25 Clement Desalle B Team Suzuki Rockstar MX1
39 Davide Guarneri I KTM Team SilverAction-KTM
73 Dimitry Parshin Rus Honda Wild-Card
95 Augusts Justs Let Honda Honda Latvia Elksni
116 Mykola Pashchynskiy Oek KTM -
121 Xavier Boog F Kawasaki Kawasaki Racing Team
222 Antonio Cairoli I Team Red Bull-Teka-KTM-DeCarli
339 Michael Tacker USA Kawasaki Riga Motorcross Team
377 Christophe Pourcel F Kawasaki Team CLS-MonsterEnergy-Kawasaki-CP377
571 Alexander Ivaniutin Rus Yamaha Wild-Card
611 Mihail Cociu Mol KTM Team SilverAction-KTM
764 Roman Morozov Oek Yamaha -
777 Evgeny Bobryshev Rus Honda Team Honda World MX Martin
999 Rui Goncalves Por Honda Team Honda World MX Martin

6 Max Anstie GB Honda Team Honda Gariboldi-Esta
7 Arnaud Tonus CH Yamaha Bike it-MonsterEnergy-Yamaha-Dixon Racing
12 Simone Zecchina I Yamaha JTech Racing
17 Jose Antonio Butron E KTM Diga Racing Team
22 Dylan Ferrandis F Kawasaki BUD Racing-Rockstar-Kawasaki
23 Christophe Charlier F Yamaha Yamaha MonsterEnergy Racing Team
25 Glenn Coldenhoff NL KTM Nestaan-JM Racing Team
33 Julien Lieber B KTM Lieber Racing Team
34 Joel Roelants B Kawasaki Team CLS- MonsterEnergy-Kawasaki
37 Valentin Teillet F Kawasaki BUD Racing-Rockstar-Kawasaki
45 Jake Nicholls GB KTM Nestaan-JM Racing Team
51 Jens Getteman B Suzuki Suzuki Standing Construct Suzuki Racing MX2
66 Aleksander Tonkov Rus Honda Team Honda Gariboldi-Esta
77 Alessandro Lupino I Husqvarna Team Husqvarna-Ricci Racing
84 Jeffrey Herlings NL KTM Red Bull-Teka-KTM Racing Team
89 Jeremy Vanhorebeek B KTM Red Bull-Teka-KTM Racing Team
100 Tommy Searle GB Kawasaki Team CLS- MonsterEnergy-Kawasaki
103 Kenny Vandueren B Yamaha KEMEA-Reytec-Yamaha Racing
128 Ivo Monticelli I Suzuki Team Valenti Suzuki Motocross
152 Petar Petrov Bul Suzuki Team Suzuki International Europe
173 Valentin Guillod CH KTM KTM Scott Racing Team
221 Pritt Ratsep Est KTM Diga Racing Team
249 Nikolaj Larsen DK Suzuki Standing Construct Suzuki Racing MX2
300 Viachelsav Golovkin Rus Kawasaki Riga Racing Team
338 Zach Osborne USA Yamaha Bike it-MonsterEnergy-Yamaha-Dixon Racing
461 Romain Febvre F KTM Bodo Schmidt Motorsports
600 Davis Ivanovs Let Kawasaki Riga Racing Team
911 Jordi Tixier F KTM Red Bull-Teka-KTM Racing Team
922 Kevin Fors B Yamaha KEMEA-Reytec-Yamaha Racing


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