Tango Tames The Changes at White Rose MXC (ORPA)

The eagerly awaited first meeting at the newly revamped Grangemoor track near Wakefield, took place in the form of a two day meeting. The weather in the week before had been very kind, which left the track dry, and able to handle any of the bad weather forecast for the weekend.  A big thanks must go to Phil `Douglas` Jackson for all his great work with the new features, which he tested during Saturdays racing, but thankfully his track building skills are better than his race positions!

Saturdays meeting saw some great racing, with riders getting to grips with some of the new and improved features the track had to offer.  There was some great racing in all classes, and worthy of note was Ben Ruddick (65’s), Nathan Claughan (SW85), Cal Wardman (BW85), Josh `Tango` Cadman, Jake Hardcastle (B’s) and Rich Cannings (A’s), who all recorded three wins from three to win their respective classes.

Sundays racing didn’t disappoint either, with some overnight rain and some track work late into the evening, the track was close to perfect for Sundays racing. Josh Cadman repeated his great performance from Saturday with another three wins from three as did Simon Booth in the C2 class.

Having received some very good comments about the new layout, this is sure to become a popular venue, and we will continue to seek views and ideas anyone may have.

The next WRMXC meeting is the Final Round of the Summer Championship at Fat Cats Armthorpe on 2nd October, and we look forward to seeing you all there!

Photographs: Alex Daniels
Race Report: Ian Lessiter




1. Richard Cannings
2. Jamie Addy
3. Luke Barratt
4. Jason Moore
5. Luke Crang
6. Richard Sharp


1. Jake Hardcastle
2. Mark Cardwell
3. Shane Greensmith
4. Luke Robinson
5. Maurice Crang
6. Phil Jackson


1. Simon Booth
2. Steven Richardson
3. Alex Bashforth
4. Chris Wells
5. Dan Wainwright
6. M Jones

Youth Open

1. Josh Cadman
2. Kurtis Williams
3. Alex Hilton
4. Andrew Flatman
5. Josh Seymour
6. Conor Smith

BW 85

1. Callum Wardman
2. Kurtis Williams
3. Jack Hills
4. Eddie Remmer
5. Joe Sutcliffe
6. Robert Ainley

SW 85

1. Nathan Claughan
2. Regan Barraclough
3. Ben Bullet
4. Ben Knight
5. Jay Hughes
6. Curtis Mood


1. Ben Bullet
2. Sammy Price
3. Connor Mirfin
4. Cain Tailford
5. Danny Clarke
6. Ethan Cooper


1. Buster Hart
2. Jack Grayshon
3. Cameron Burke
4. William Clark
5. Thomas Crang
6. James King



1. Cole Hunter
2. Aiden Wharton
3. Richard Sharp
4. Darryl Tate
5. Jason Moore
6. Lee Harris


1. Mark Cardwell
2. Martin Lucas
3. Ashley Wharton
4. Shane Greensmith
5. Jake Hardcastle
6. Dan Joyce


1. Dan Wainwright
2. Steven Richardson
3. R Jennings
4. Ash Senoir
5. Jason Jones
6. Paul Williams


1. Simon Booth
2. Alex Bashforth
3. C Brown
4. G Greenhalgh
5. M Pebbles
6. N Cannings

Youth Open

1. Josh Cadman
2. Andrew Flatman
3. Conor Smith
4. Jared Armstrong
5. Kurtis Williams
6. Sam Dunn

BW 85

1. Callum Wardman
2. Jack Hills
3. Eddie Remmer
4. Joe Sutcliffe
5. Grant Kennedy
6. Owen Mckie

SW 85

1. Regan Barraclough
2. Nathan Claughan
3. Ben Knight
4. Ben Burridge
5. Jamie Fort
6. Jay Hughes


1. Ben Bullett
2. Sammy Price
3. Cain Tailford
4. Connor Mirfin
5. Harrison Burton
6. Ethan Cooper


1. Jack Grayshon
2. Joe Ross
3. William Clarke
4. Thomas Crang
5. Kady Moore
6. James King


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