The Lowdown - Did the 2013 World Championship tick all the right boxes?

What a year, roll on 2014...

Christmas is a time for taking stock and reflecting on the high points and low points of the outgoing year. The 2013 World Motocross Grand Prix series has had plenty of both, so in an effort to wrap up the season here’s our ten pointers of what went down between Qatar in March and Lierop in September.

New Tracks, New Formats

As with any promoter, Youthstream have to keep moving all the time to maintain interest in their series.  OK so the traditionalist want everything to stay locked in some rose-tinted halcyon time warp from the late 70s, but that simply is not going to happen. This year saw bold moves into new territories and 2014 promises more of the same. For sure the European events were the best attended and arguably the best racing, but that was not hard to predict. Like it or loathe it, motocross changes all the time.


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