YMSA Report and Gallery from Preston Docks

The YMSA had travelled to Preston Docks MX to hold the fifth championship round of the season. The sun shone all day and a successful day of racing was had by all.

The Cadet’s were eager to make a start as race one got underway. There was no stopping Ben Clark as he rode hard to take the chequered flag, followed by Oliver Woods and Kieran Danby. Keeton Cooper charged up the start straight in race two to take the holeshot. Further down the pack Ellie Birch and Cai Thomas were showing some nail biting racing as they racing very close together. The top three results mirrored race one for the rest of day as Ben took the overall position for first place.

Rossi Beard triumphed in race one in the Junior class. Lewis Hall and Eddie Wade pushed hard for second and third. Race two saw Danny Clarke take the holeshot but was soon pushed back by Dane Reeves and Rossi. Rossi had it clear in his mind that he was winning this race as he chased Dane to take the lead. All through the race, Lewis was pulling through and gaining on Dane. Then on the last lap Lewis slipped round Dane to take second place. After another holeshot by Danny, Lewis flew into the lead leaving the rest of the pack behind him. This time Rossi pushed past Danny to take second. Rossi gained points for first overall, whilst Lewis and Danny finished second and third overall.

Race one for the Small Wheel class saw day member Luke Reading take the chequered flag, closely followed by Daniel Shepherd and Nathan Claughn. A few riders were off on the starting corner of race two but Daniel Shepherd pushed through to take the lead with Reece Madden riding hard behind in second. After a couple of laps, Luke and Nathan passed Reece to take up second and third positions. Race three came and both Daniel and Luke were on equal points. Connor Fish was straight out of the gate to take the holeshot and Nathan moved forward into the lead. However, by the second lap Daniel had taken the lead and stormed through the flag to take the overall win of the day. Nathan finished second in race three leaving him to take third overall. Despite having a puncture in the final race, Luke finished in fifth giving him second overall.

Gradie Featherstone owned all three races and took all three wins, leaving him with maximum points to take first overall. Will Jeonney took all three second place finishes, allowing him to take second overall. There was a lot of close racing in this class today and the results further down the pack would have been hard to predict. Jack Naylor pushed hard to take the third position finish in race two. Kenny Ryalls took third in race three, securing him third overall.

It wasn’t a surprise to Macauley Madden dominate the Senior class and take the trophy for first overall. Dan Whitehead kept the throttle on and finished in second in race one, chased by Kurtis Williams in third. Macauley and George Hall pulled straight into first and second in race two while Dan finished in third. Luke Atkinson came out of nowhere in the final race and stayed in second all through the race. George had a third place finish in race three, giving him enough points for second overall. Dan Whitehead finished third overall.

Paul Smith took the first holeshot of the day for the Adult A class but was soon pushed back by James Nottingham who powered through to take the lead. Not far behind was Reece Desore who was gaining on James but was left to finish in second. Thomas Batty finished in third. Adam Craggs and Ryan Bruce were riding wheel to wheel but it was Ryan who stepped up to take the fourth finish. Reece cranked it up for race two and took the win. Ryna and James came second and third. Lee Harrison led race three from the moment the gate dropped. Second place was taken by Ryan again as he tried hard to catch Lee throughout the race. Another third place finish gave James Nottingham enough points for the overall win. Ryan Bruce finished in second overall and Reece Desore in third.

In the Adult B race, Ashley Horsnall took the holeshot in race one but was soon pushed back by Danny Woodier, who proceeded to dominate all races by taking all three chequered flags. Ryan Thorp flew up the start straight to take the initial lead in race two. Danny Woodier soon pushed through the pack, along with James Walker and Ashley who finished in second and third. Ashley gained another third place finish in race three, getting the points for second overall. Third overall went to Aaron Woodall with the results 4-4-2.

Anton Faulkes was straight into the lead in race one for the Adult C class. Billy Burchell fought hard to keep in second position throughout the race. Andy Hall showed persistence as he pulled through from the back to finish in third. Andy Clark took the holeshot for race two but Anton took the lead again, leaving Andy riding in second. However, Andy Clark experienced mechanical problems, leaving Andy Hall to take second and John Moody to take third. Anton took first overall, Andy Hall took second and Billy Burchell took third overall.

1- Ben Clark 2- Oliver Woods 3- Kieran Danby 4 – Keeton Cooper 5- Oliver Cole 6- Cai Thomas
1- Rossi Beard 2- Lewis Hall 3- Danny Reeve 4 – Eddie Wade 5- Kurtis Griffiths 6- Danny Clarke
Small Wheels::
1- Daniel Shepherd 2- Luke Reading 3- Nathan Claughn 4 – Jake Taylor 5- Ben Burridge 6- Steven Cumliff
Big Wheels:
1- Gradie Featherstone 2- Will Jeonney 3- Kenny Ryalls 4- Jack Naylor 5- Adam Burns 6- Robert Ainley
1- Macauley Madden 2- George Hall 3- Dan Whitehead 4 – John Foster 5- Kurtis Williams 6- Luke Atkinson
Adult Open A’s:
1- James Nottingham 2- Ryan Bruce 3- Reece Desore 4- Lee Harrison 5- Thomas Batty 6- Ryan Thornhill
Adult Open B’s:
1- Danny Woodier 2- Ashley Horsnall 3- Aaron Woodall 4- James Walker 5- James Mycock 6- Corie Bishop
Adult Open C’s:
1- Anton Faulkes 2- Andy Hall 3- Billy Burchell 4 – John Moody 5- Mark Burchell 6- Sonny Lowther
Dad’s Race
1- Sean Hart 2- Lee Ward 3- Ricky Whitehead 4- Alan Madden 5- Mark Bruce 6- Ashley Cole

The riders were put to the test in their second consecutive day of racing for Championship 6 of the YMSA season.

Cadet rider Ben Clark rode to victory in each race, taking the overall win for the day. Consistent riding from Oliver Woods proved to be valuable as he managed to rack up three second position finishes, allowing him to take second overall. Keeton Cooper finished in third in race one and Kieran Austin took the next two third place finishes. Keeton had gained the points for two fourths, which just put him ahead of Kieran to take third overall.

Dane Reeves took the first chequered flag in the Junior class. Eddie Wade and Lewis Hall came in quick behind for second and third. Lewis went on to win race two but was involved in an accident in the final race which affected his overall position. Dane won race three and secured first overall. Harvey Ward came second in race three and finished second overall. Dalton Dring’s third place finish in race three meant that he finished third overall.

In the Small Wheel class Luke Reading cleaned up with three race wins and the overall. Nathan Claughn rode for second in race two with Daniel Shepherd coming in at second. Danny stepped it up in the next two races and gained enough points to take second overall. Nathan finished in third.

Gradie Featherstone took the first race win for the Big Wheel class, followed by Will Jeonney and Jack Naylor. Gradie did not finish race two so Will Jeonney took the lead, with Jack Naylor finishing second and Jack Nottingham in third. Will took the final race win to gain first overall.

Riding was tough today in the Senior class with many quick riders. Day member Jamie Ellis took all three race wins for first overall. Kurtis Williams finished second in race one but Macauley Madden then proceeded to take the next two second place finishes, leaving him second overall. Kurtis took third overall with the results 2-4-3.

Two good starts for James Nottingham gave him the first two wins of the day in the Adult A class. Race one saw Thomas Batty and Ryan Bruce battle it out for second. Results were reversed in race two as Ryan finished in second and Thomas in third. Visitor Ryan Thornhill took the final race win but this wasn’t enough to get him in the top three. James Nottingham finished first overall, followed by Thomas Batty in second and Ryan Bruce in third.

Riders in Adult B class had a mixed day of racing. Ashley Horsnall took the first chequered flag of the day, with Will Stafford and Aaron Woodall coming in second and third. Ashley took the second race win but James Walker finished the race in second. Ashley finished the day in first overall and Aaron took second due to his race win in race three. Will Stafford took third overall.

Andy Hall took the overall victory in the Adult C class with all three race wins. With two points between the, Sonny Lowther finished second overall and Mike Prady finished third overall.

1- Ben Clark 2- Oliver Woods 3- Keeton Cooper 4 – Kieran Austin 5- Finn O’Malley 6- Oliver Cole
1- Dane Reeves 2- Harvey Ward 3- Dalton Dring 4 – Danny Clarke 5- Brogan Johnson 6- Daniel Fisher
Small Wheels::
1- Luke Reading 2- Daniel Shepherd 3- Nathan Claughn 4 – Jake Taylor 5- Reece Madden 6- Ben Burridge
Big Wheels:
1- Will Jeonney 2- Jack Naylor 3- Jake Ryan 4- Kenny Ryalls 5- Jack Nottingham 6- Ben Evans
1- Jamie Ellis 2- Macauley Madden 3- Kurtis Williams 4 – Josh Bentley 5- Luke Atkinson 6- James Henderson
Adult Open A’s:
1- James Nottingham 2- Thomas Batty 3- Ryan Bruce 4- Ryan Thornhill 5- Lee Harrison 6- Ben Halfpenny
Adult Open B’s:
1- Ashley Horsnall 2- Aaron Woodhall 3- Will Stafford 4- James Mycock 5- Brad Dallison 6- Corie Bishop
Adult Open C’s:
1- Andy Hall 2- Sonny Lowther 3- Mike Prady 4 – Mark Burchell 5- Andrew Clark 6- Billy Burchell

Written by Nat Jarvis
Photographs by Lisa Griffiths


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