Tony Cairoli

Tony Cairoli

I’ll tell you something about me … When she was young my father Benedict had a Vespa and Lambretta and was always doing speed challenges on the streets around Patti. Nobody could beat him and one-time proposed to compete seriously on the track. But his grandfather Antonio categorically forbade him to run and there was terrible. So he sent me his passion for motorcycles: I am the first son (I have three older sisters, Antonina, Mara and Sara). Four years has put me on a 50 italjet from Minicross, and in front of the house there pistino wandered for hours. Seven years after my first race in the regional Minicross, with a Lem 50. At the second race of Minicross my first win … At the World Motocross 125 class, I arrived in 2002: three races.

For me it was the fulfilment of a dream, I almost could not believe that in the midst of those samples that I followed since I was a child. In Genk, the first, I was not qualified and my debut race was Loket, Czech Republic. That year they ran out of one single round. For me, not even a point, the twenty-first! In Russia and qualified retired. It ‘was still a good experience, which has served to understand the difficulties and the level of the world. In 2003, I participated in three races (Italy, Belgium and Germany), always with Honda Tiscali Paul Martin but I have never qualified.

At the end of 2003 to the team of Claudio De Carli, by moving to Rome. I immediately set well with the team and with the Yamaha 250 four stroke. With Federici and Monni, we carried out a winter training, programmed by De Carli, very important, partly in Rome and partly on the sand Belgian. Already in the early races of the season, the Italian Championship, I felt in good condition and I realized that my level and that of the bike, very competitive, promised well for the world championship ….
… the rest is history!

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