Disgruntled. Such a lovely expressive English word. One can almost  see the lightning around the face of someone thus described. And this was just the word to describe Kevin Strijbos after his previous British Championship outing, an event that the proverbial everything that could go wrong, did, and the Belgian forfeited his championship lead. He vowed to strike back, however, and at the fifth round of the series, he got his opportunity.

For the British championship faithful it was a long trek to Northern Ireland to get to the latest battlefield, the scenic Desertmartin. Kevin was in no mood to trifle about, and from the first laps on his HM plant KTM, he made his intention all too clear. He posted the pole setting lap, and again edged Matiss Karro to claim Superpole honours as well.

Dominance is another fine old English word, and Kevin displayed this, in abundance, from the first metres of race 1. He shot into the lead, and was never challenged as he rode to victory. It was pretty much more of the same in race two, and the Belgian was homing in on the championship lead as he approached the finish line.

Beaming with confidence, Kevin hit the repeat button for race three. He did not even seem to tire, even after a hard day’s racing, but riding at the front will do that for you. As he was flagged off for the last time, he allowed himself to relax for the first time, a perfect 75 points in the bag. From leading all the qualifying sessions, every lap in every race and posting every fastest lap time, there was really nothing more that he could do to place his stamp on the day.

The bonus came in the form of the red number plate which marks him as the series leader. Having erased a substantial deficit, he now heads Matiss Karro by 5 points. With the confidence of sterling back-to-back GP- and British Championship results buoying him, Kevin looks forward to the Swedish GP, where is aim is to battle for podium honours again.

Race 1
Race 2
Race 3

Reporting by Tinus Nel


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