Harley Davidson backflip from Gladiator Games

Chuck Carothers produced one of the most amazing tricks on a motorcycle ever seen a backflip on a 1200cc Harley Davidson – sit back and believe!

  1. Adrian

    The world first Harley back flip was done the day before by Kain Saul in Australia. Check it out. http://www.youtube.com/fsfer#p/u/0/Fqgwo_WdyRo

  2. juicy

    Fag: n. 1. An extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with Harley riders.
    2. A person who owns or frequently rides a Harley.

  3. righton

    Fag: n.
    1. An extremely annoying, inconsiderate person driven to put down the accomplishments of others in a pathetic attempt to make themselves feel better.
    2. A pathetic loser.
    3. Someone who thinks South Park is deep philosophy.

  4. Billy Big Balls

    Hey, South park is deep philosophy…..Man! ha ha he fucked that landin up, the nob!

  5. gentil sylvain

    pour toi sylvain

  6. Amy

    hmm,that’s a cool backflip…


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